Deities and Saints

Divine Ranks

Greater Deities-These deities are beyond mortal understanding and rarely involve themselves in mortal affairs. They keep all of the planes and the pantheon in balance. These deities will almost never answer the call of a mortal. If a mortal ever does get the attention of a greater god they will be considered a living saint.
Lesser Deities-Are directly intertwined in mortal affairs. They live amongst the planes and mortals can encounter them. These deities can be called upon for aid.
Quasi-deities-These deities are the weakest and are a growing power. They can not grant powers to mortals because they require more worshipers.
Saints-Appointed by the divine mortals for thier miracles performed in life. Once a saint they can be called upon to aid a mortal.
Demigods- These are half gods that walk among mortals. Most Demi gods do not announce who they are in fear of being slain or captured. Demigods are mortal and can be killed as any other mortal could.
Avatars- Imbued with powers of the gods and are a direct servant of the gods will. Most avatars do not know what they really are.

List of Deities

Greater Gods

Osto,God of Life (LN) Life and Tempest
Urm,Goddess of Creation (LN) Knowledge and Light
Arcanus,God of Magic (LN) Knowledge and Tempest
Rec,God of Death (LN) Death and Tempest

Lesser Gods

Armic, God of Health (NG) Life
Testimus ,God of Protection (NG) War
Omnimar,God of Nature (CG) Nature and Tempest

Mira, Goddess of Justice (LN) Tempest and War
Lunitus,God of Maddness (CN) Trickery
Sol,God of the Sun (LN) Light

Deeddrill,God of Chaos (CE) Tempest and War
Craven,God of War (NE) War and Death
Yailer,God of Demons (CE) War
Farse,God of Shadows (LE) Trickery
Teetris,God of Lies (NE) Trickery
Succubi,Goddess of Lust (NE) Trickery
Cain ,God of the Undead (CE) Tempest and Death
Motus,God of Slaughter (CE) Death

Deities and Saints

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